A 9-year-old hockey player scores a goal for another team in a different game

There have been epic and wacky goals scored in hockey and picking a favorite is very difficult. One of the most legendary is of course “The Michigan Goal”, where a Michigan Wolverines player picked up the puck on his stick while behind the opposing team’s net, and simply swung the forward of his stick to the side, throwing the puck. straight into the net for a goal. It has been heavily duplicated but never perfectly reproduced. This recent video gave me a good laugh as a 9 year old hockey player did something quite unique.

Keagan Lazuka plays for the 2013 Belle Tire Mites team and was playing a Jamboree in Traverse City this weekend when he pulled off something amazing. In a video posted on her mother’s website Facebook page, Keagan rips a shot that flies over the barricade separating two different games and the puck travels down the ice and into the wide net for a goal in a completely different game. You can watch the video below and notice the defenseman in white seemingly celebrating the puck in. The shot is left towards the 6 second mark:

Finally got this from Livebarn a few weeks ago! Only my kid would lift the puck over the boards and score a goal in the back net in another game! More accustomed to light pucks, small nets and half the ice cream! Bahaha

When he’s not scoring goals for other teams in other games, he also plays all-ice in the AAU for the 313 Elite team.

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Catherine J. Martinez