A boy hit in the face with a puck during an ice hockey game

THIS is certainly not what seven-year-old Hunter Beauparlant would have wanted his first hockey game (NHL) to look like. The Nipissing native who traveled to Toronto for the game had an ice puck thrown in his face by his idol, Nicholas Suzuki.

“He was crying and bleeding at the time,” Hunter’s father Steven said. He explained that it all started during the warm-up before the big game at Scotiabank Arena in downtown Toronto.

“My sons both made up signs for the game,” Steven told the outlet, “to eventually get a selfie with Nick Suzuki.”

To their surprise, the backboard was spotted by Suzuki, who approached and threw a puck at the young Beauparlant. “He catches a puck on the ice and throws it over the glass.” But unfortunately, the seven-year-old boy was too stunned by his hero.

“My son was a little dazzled. He was just looking at it and he ate it right off the lips.

Of course, Suzuki immediately came to his aid and comforted the boy. The Canadiens’ assistant captain left the arena and checked on the young Beauparlant.

He even took pictures with him, signed autographs and gave the young Beauparlant his ice hockey stick as a souvenir.

The experience was definitely not something the family expected. After all, it was the boys’ birthday and their first NHL game.

That said, there are certainly no hard feelings towards Suzuki. In fact, the family is grateful for this unique experience.

“Seven and eight, they met their idol and you know, not only did they get a puck, but they ended up with a stick, a puck, a big lip and an autograph,” Steve said.

“It’s been a pretty incredible first game in the NHL.”

Catherine J. Martinez