A former hockey player turns to fashion for a new career

A few years ago, Cameron Lizotte used his hands to swing his stick and trade punches on the ice, now he’s using them for something completely different: sewing.

“I feel a lot of sense using a little more of my brain and a lot less of my body,” says Lizotte.

Lizotte is a former hockey enforcer who brought his hard-hitting, aggressive style to the NHL, playing in one game with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“I have over 45 career fights under my belt, and I played a tough match and that brought physicality and fighting to my game,” says Lizotte.

“So I ended up defending some guys in my career but I was good at it, I was able to take a bunch and give two back.”

As her hockey career draws to a close, Lizotte discovers the world of couture and fashion thanks to a seminar organized by her team.

He soon began creating his own line of clothing and selling his designs at his games.

“When I played for the Barrie Colts, I had a stand in the center [concourse]so I ran a kiosk to sell my clothes while I was playing hockey there,” says Lizotte.

“So I know not many guys have done that, especially handmade clothes.”

After retiring from hockey, Lizotte embarked on creating her own fashion line mint currencywhich premiered last month at Paris Fashion Week.

“It was a dream come true and the fact that I got this opportunity is crazy,” says Lizotte.

Although it was a long trip from the ice to the track in Paris, Lizotte says it was worth it.

“It’s an easy change for me,” says Lizotte. “I felt like that was my true passion that I had found and that’s what I was meant to do.”

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Catherine J. Martinez