A New Fan Guide to Catching a Dallas Stars Hockey Game

I know his football and basketball season, but hockey is making a comeback in America after several years of social strife and bad TV deals. With the return of the NHL to national prominence and a new season underway, I have decided to add this to my “Texas Must Do List” (formerly known as the Melz Texas Bucket List).

Now full disclosure, I’m not a big hockey player. I’m just as laid back as they are when it comes to playing. Other than the goalie, I can’t tell you the name of ANY of the positions on the ice nor could I name a single player, so don’t be fooled by the title of the article into thinking that I will explain one of it is here. I’m just going to share my experience of this game between the Dallas Stars and the Ottawa Senators.

I’ll say this, I’ll be back but first let me tell you what’s going on.


I have to admit I got a sticker shock when I pulled over to park at the AAC in downtown Dallas. In all fairness, this was my first time visiting the arena, so I had no idea it would cost me at least $ 30 to park in one of the parking lots. I started parking on the street next to some of the luxury condos around the AAC but after seeing a guy get a ticket I paid the price.


I admit I was late for the game and unfortunately the home team had already lost TWO GOALS to Ottawa in the first period which kind of put the whole arena in check. But the reason why I advise you to get there before the puck drops is because some idiot might sit in your place … or worse yet, bring their whole FAMILY in your row and take your square. I didn’t “taunt” them, I just sat in the next empty seat.


As stated before, I’m a casual and this was my first game so by the end of the first period I was kind of bowled over by the whole arena getting up and seeming to leave. I quickly realized that it was just an intermission and people were getting concessions or whatever. Of course there is entertainment, giveaways and things like that, but I was more fascinated by the Zamboni and the workers who made the ice cream for some reason.


During the 2nd intermission, before the start of the 3rd and final period of the game, I walked around and checked out a few things including the Dallas Stars trophy case where you can see the 1999 Stanley Cup Stars. and other trophies. You might even meet one of the Dallas Stars Ice Girls!


I will say it was a bit difficult to keep up with the action at first due to the SPEED of the game. In real time, these players FLY, so don’t forget to prepare your eyes for a practice. Other than that, regardless of the score, you’ll feel the energy of the game start to wash over you and you’ll be standing like a longtime fan rooted for the action before it’s all said and done.

While that was exciting, the Stars lost 4-1 to the Senators and while everyone was a little disappointed, at least you can score some of Texas’ best tacos just a few blocks away in Fuel City.

Here are more views from my first NHL game!

Texas Hockey: A fun night at the NHL Dallas Stars game

The Dallas Stars took on the Ottawa Senators and it was my first game in the NHL! Lots of fun!

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Catherine J. Martinez