Athletes With Myocarditis “Worried About Every Heartbeat” After Young Hockey Player Dies – The Athletic

Tyler Nanne had just finished his shift at the end of the first period on October 29 in Dornbirn, Austria, when he watched his Bratislava Capitals teammate Boris Sadecky collapse on the ice.

Nanne, the grandson of former North Stars defenseman and longtime general manager Lou Nanne, rushed to his friend thinking he had been the victim of a low blow. It immediately became evident that this was not the case.

Nanne knelt down on Sadecky’s gripping body and looked into his scared eyes. Sadecky complained that he was not feeling well. Nanne and other teammates who were crowded frantically called for help from the referees.

“The medics were far away and it was just a bad situation and he snowballed because he went unconscious until he couldn’t breathe and then rushed out of the ice,” s ‘Nanne, 25, recalled recently. “The medical team worked on him for a while trying to shake him and give him IVs and oxygen. We were told at the rink that he would be fine and in stable condition, but that turned out… not to be.

Sadecky has been put into an induced coma. Five days later, after being declared brain dead, Sadecky passed away at the age of 24.

An autopsy revealed Sadecky had mild inflammation in his heart which likely caused him to go into cardiac arrest during the game. Six years earlier, Nanne, then engaged in Ohio state and the New York Rangers draft pick, also nearly died after collapsing twice in the space of three weeks. He was diagnosed with myocarditis – an inflammation of the heart muscle – and missed two full years of hockey before being transferred to the University of Minnesota.

“He was one of the nicest guys on the team. He spoke English very well as a Slovak, ”Nanne said of Sadecky, who was born in Trencin.

Catherine J. Martinez