Beaulieu hockey player optimistic for next year’s Indoor World Cup in Pretoria

As the FIH (International Hockey Federation) Indoor Hockey World Cup takes place in Pretoria from February 5-11 next year, South African teams are gearing up for the upcoming tournament.

The women’s and men’s teams began their preparation for the tournament by playing a series of five matches against their African rivals, Namibia, in Windhoek. The women’s team lost 1–2 in the series while the men prevailed with a 3–1 victory.
Rusten Abrahams, Beaulieu Hockey Academy and national hockey player was part of the men’s team that faced Namibia. He said it was a bit difficult to say how ready the squad was for the tournament as a few selected players weren’t in the squad against Namibia.

Rusten Abrahams, national floor hockey player and Beaulieu Hockey Academy player, in action for his club at Cliffview Elementary School. Photo: Khomotso Makgabutlane

“The series started off a bit rough. We only practiced once on grass and our new additions to the team were a bit shaken up. I think after the first game we came together to correct our mistakes and overcome the nervousness of the first game to win the series 3-1,” he said.
“We are missing players like Chad Futcher, Anton van Loggenberg, Ryan Julius and Justin Domleo. They were announced in the previous World Cup squad, but there could be a number of new players to be announced for next year,” Abrahams said. Four-way review.

The teams are about to start their training camps from which a new squad will be assembled, where new names and current names from the South African floor hockey scene may appear. The Indoor World Cup was due to take place earlier this year in Belgium but was later canceled due to Covid.
Speaking about playing against Namibia, Abrahams said the series against his fellow African was a good test of the team’s character. “Namibia has been our rival for a few years. They’ve improved their game pretty well over the past two years, and it’s good to see that they’re improving their game. It’s now a tight competition when you play them, not a one-sided affair anymore. Even though we have outclassed them in the last three games, they are coming back and will be a very good team if they and South Africa get more playing time and visibility,” he concluded.

South African indoor hockey player, Rusten Abrahams has high hopes for the national indoor team as she trains for the Indoor World Cup next year. Photo: Khomotso Makgabutlane

The results are as follows for both sides.

  • South Africa 0–2 Namibia
  • South Africa 1–2 Namibia
  • South Africa 2–2 Namibia
  • South Africa 4–4 Namibia
  • South Africa 1–0 Namibia
  • South Africa 5–6 Namibia
  • South Africa 6–6 Namibia
  • South Africa 7–3 Namibia
  • South Africa 7–3 Namibia
  • South Africa 6–3 Namibia

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