Big Rapids hockey player makes history again

BIG RAPIDS – Any high school hockey player will likely always remember their first goal.

For Big Rapids senior Emma Daum, it was especially special when she scored the first of her career on Wednesday in the Cardinals’ 8-0 win over Manistee at Ewigleben Ice Arena.

Daum became the first female hockey player in Big Rapids men’s program history last season. He hadn’t scored until Wednesday’s game in this second season.

It happened in the second half and his shot came from the blue line.

“The puck came out of the point and I just took a lucky shot,” said Daum. “He bounced off a kid in front and walked in.”

Daum said she goes back and forth between striker and defense. She was on defense when she scored her goal. Even though it bounced off another player, she was definitely going for a shot to try and score.

“I had a clear view and I took the hit,” Daum said.

When she scored her first goal, Daum was understandably in awe of the moment.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, is this real? »» Daum smiled. “I didn’t know I scored at the start.”

She was obviously delighted. It was a goal at the start of this season to get his first goal.

But it is not specifically his role to mark.

“Not at all,” Daum admitted. “I’m here to help other players and also to defend our net.”

This season “has gone well,” said Daum. “The team treated me well, as always. There are more streams this year.

Daum has always been happy with her playing time.

“I think I have a good positioning to keep people in net,” said Daum, adding that the Cardinals, who enter the holiday break at 3-6-1, “need to be focused. our fight. We have to be focused and play hard. “

Daum also plays golf and softball in Big Rapids. Softball and hockey are his main loves, equally. She has been playing hockey for 15 years and will be finished at this level at the end of her Cardinal season.

Catherine J. Martinez