Bus driver Fred Harvey enjoys a private lacrosse ring ceremony after a hockey game

Ring Ceremony – After the Senior Night field hockey game against Caesar Rodney on Oct. 25, the Cape Lacrosse Girls, who also play field hockey, presented bus driver Fred Harvey with his 2022 Spring State Championship ring, when Cape beat Tatnall in the final for his 13th state title. Harvey has also driven the bus for 11 state championship field hockey teams. “Mr. Harvey is the best! said coach Debbie Windett. “The kids love him and all the field hockey seniors have mentioned him as a favorite memory.” Tommy Isaacs, the Cape goalkeeper who has relationships, said, “Fred plays an important role in the lacrosse and hockey programs. He loves all the kids and they love him back. The ceremonies are great, but the less formal ones feel more personal with love.”

Broken down bus – On May 26, 2015, the Cape Town baseball team played a late afternoon game at Frawley Stadium, where they defeated Salesianum 9-4. But the bus broke down, so Cape Transportation manager Lenny Richardson had to organize a rescue bus. Lenny was in Dover at the state championship field hockey game. Cape was playing at Polytech, coached by Lynn Richardson. I remember it like it was yesterday, but yesterday I don’t remember very well. Lenny told me in 2015: “It was suggested that I send Fred Harvey to Frawley to pick up the baseball team and get the relief bus here to Dover. There’s no way I’m taking Fred Harvey away of this game. I’m a sportsman, and I understand the traditions and the superstitions, and that Fred Harvey is more important than me in this game.” I added, “And I… I can take the picture of team, but I’m not getting into the team photo. It’s Fred Harvey time.

B game beat – The blood in the game makes it personal. Tuesday night’s field hockey Game B score in the Beacon over Mariner game moved to 10-0. I looked at the face of my sixth-grade granddaughter, Meredith, a freshman player, and she was bouncing back, happy to be on the court with her teammates. I looked to the left at Mariner coaches Hannah and Rebecca Pepper, my friends, who were happy to coach. I looked to my right at coaches Sam Purple and Lynn Richardson, who are also my friends, and coach Lynn was cheering on players from both teams. Field hockey players are always looking for goals; there is nothing else to do there on the screaming green field. But shit, yo! I walked over to the score table and started talking to volunteers Ashley Diehl, Kathy Pepper and Jay Conn. “I see it at the college level. Delmar and Cape just wax people like a 100 horsepower Grand Rental high-speed floor polisher. All three parents gave me exclusive rights to the crazy big-pop road. It was like an advertisement for a Snickers bar. Beacon A and B teams this season have beaten their opponents with a combined total of 137-0. Delmar has beaten its opponents this season 137-3. Cape, less prolific offensively, has an 83-3 advantage on the season. Cape will face Delmar at Lake Forest on Saturday, November 5. The showdown about to unfold is still a great game.

Wile E. Coyote- A Philadelphia sports fan is like the coyote in the Roadrunner cartoon holding a lit long-stemmed bomb that reads Acme. A 7-0 victory Tuesday night fueled by five home runs was followed by a combined no-hitter in a 5-0 loss. All the energy in the home stadium sometimes counts for something followed by nothing on consecutive nights. The Eagles have lost consecutive NFC Championship games at home with a trip to the Super Bowl as the prize. In 2002-03, the last game at The Vet, Tampa Bay beat the Eagles 27-10, then the following year, the first game at The Linc was a 14-3 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Those crowds of crazed fans at home counted for absolutely nothing. Dan Cook and I were accredited to cover both games. I said to Dan, “Don’t make eye contact with stares a thousand miles out of nowhere. Let’s get out of here. Meow! Meow!

Extracts – Thunder Wolves Football Club, a semi-professional team based in Dover, continues to seek youngsters (18+) to complete its roster. The team will play in the NEAF. “We need guys playing any position who have a 55-man roster, and we expect strong competition for playing time. But like most semi-pro teams, we expect looking long and hard for linemen,” coach Charlie Darling said. E-mail thunderwolvesfootballclub@yahoo.com for registration information. I took pictures at Cape’s Halloween hockey practice. I took a picture of two grandmothers (Lina Fred and Abby Marsh) and honestly didn’t recognize my own granddaughter as a grandmother. Cape will honor 10 seniors ahead of Friday night’s home game against St. Georges. St. Georges is 2-6, but the Hawks can play; they gave Sussex Central everything they wanted before losing 33-28. “Hey, dough. Swing, hit!” Go now, asshole!

Catherine J. Martinez