Clerks 3 BTS Image shows Kevin Smith planning a rooftop hockey game

A new behind-the-scenes image of Clerk III shows writer/director Kevin Smith planning a rooftop hockey game. The upcoming comedy is the long-awaited sequel to Smith’s 1994 original and its 2006 follow-up, which primarily focus on two employees of a convenience store (then later a fast food restaurant) in the New Jersey. After quite a lengthy development process, the director started teasing the details of the latest installment last year. He revealed that Clerk III would be in black and white and color, a combination of the styles of the previous two films. He also shared that he will be revisiting Quick Stop Groceries and following Randal Graves as he plans to do a movie with Dante Hicks after surviving a heart attack.


Released in theaters on September 13, 2022, Clerk III will see the return of Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran as Randal and Dante respectively, in addition to other series stars Jason Mewes, Trevor Fehrman, Rosario Dawson, Marilyn Ghigliotti and Smith himself as Silent Bob. Smith, aware of the original film’s cult following and the series’ overall support, has been actively keeping fans updated on the new project via social media since he first confirmed his retaliation in 2019. The official trailer for Clerk III dropped just days ago and reintroduces fans to familiar sights and characters. It notably features a glimpse of a hockey game above the quick stop, reminiscent of a classic scene from the 1994 film.

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Now, Black-smith took to Twitter to share a behind-the-scenes photo of himself, with cinematographer Learan Kahanov, planning the Clerk III hockey scene. He reveals the image was taken on a hot day, above the store, as they were both trying to figure out the best way to film the game. Check out Smith’s post below:

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Smith’s engagement with fans regarding Clerks seems to be enjoyed, and the enduring admiration for the films, the first of which premiered nearly three decades ago, suggests the new installment could be another hit. The director recently spoke about the longevity of Clerks, sharing that he couldn’t understand why people liked him so much in the first place. He eventually realized, however, that the 1994 original can connect with so many audiences because most people have already worked lousy work.

The charm of Clerks can be attributed to a number of things, but there’s no denying audiences have embraced its setting and characters over the years, resulting in a level of popularity that even Smith himself found hard to believe at first. . So it should be reassuring that much of the original cast wants to come back and revisit the now famous Quick Stop Groceries. Smith enthusiasts eager to see what the series does next, including how the rooftop hockey scene unfolds, will have to wait and see Clerk III when it hits theaters this fall.

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