Six Crookston Pirates scored two goals apiece and they scored nine goals in the second period and then beat the Detroit Lakes Lakers 15-0 in a Division 8A women’s hockey game at Detroit Lakes. That comes from a 16-0 win over International Falls on Saturday. “Yeah, we did a good job moving our feet, skating and getting the puck back in the net,” Crookston coach Emily Meyer said.

Crookston started the game slow and was trailed 5-3 in the opening minutes. Detroit Lakes had their first chance at a quality score three minutes into the game when Emma Coley, the Lakers’ leading scorer with 20 goals this season, had a breakaway and pirate goaltender Jaycee Larson made a big save to keep the match scoreless.
Crookston began to pick up his game and they began attacking the Lakers putting relentless pressure on the Laker defense the rest of the period. Crookston got on the board when Brekken Tull received a pass from Brynlee Coleman between the circles and slid the puck past the Laker goaltender for a 1-0 lead just seven minutes into the game. “We were skating well and moving our feet, but a few times we gave up a few breakaways, but Jaycee (Larson) helped us with the saves,” Coach Meyer said.
The Lakers were called for a penalty and that’s really when the Pirates took over the game. They had four shots on net before Rylee Solheim collected the puck on point and handed the puck over to Reese Swanson who skated along the far boards, snaked to the middle of the far circle and threw a wrist shot into the net to give the Pirates a 2-0 lead with 6:10 left in the period.
It didn’t take long for the Pirates to strike again as Morgan Nelson got a pass from Rylee Solheim into the crease and a backhand shot into the net and Crookston had a 3-0 lead with 3:29 to go. do in the first period.
Crookston won the ensuing faceoff and 12 seconds after Nelson’s goal, Brynlee Coleman skated and scored for a 4-0 lead. Crookston outscored Detroit Lakes 14-0 in the final 12 minutes of the period. to clean this up. After that, we have to keep it classy, ​​think outside the box, make sure we make the right choices. We had 10 minutes to talk to the referees and I know the tensions are quite high in a section match, but we have to make good decisions.

It all came crashing down in the second period and as Crookston started the period skating shorthanded and Cassie Solheim scored a shorthanded goal just 50 seconds away and it was 5-0. Not to be outdone by her younger sister, Rylee Solheim scored on a slap shot into the high slot to find herself on the scoring board after three assists in the first period. The attack continued, Addie Fee with a shot from behind the net, Brekken Tull with a nice shot, Morgan Nelson picked a spot to the left of the keeper for his second goal. All this in the first six and a half minutes! Aleah Bienek scored on a fine passing game from Fee to Swanson and Bienek slid it in, Cassie Solheim’s hard and accurate slapshot scored his second of the period and of the game. Wait, there’s more, Swanson in the slot and a perfect pass from Nelson on a power-play goal, then Grace Fischer finished the period sneaking in for her first and ninth of the period and Crookston led 13-0 after 34 minutes into the game, “Cassie scored the shorthanded goal quickly in the period, then we never let up and we didn’t want to let go. They kept him in the offensive zone, shot the puck well. We played a really good period,” Meyer said.

Crookston’s coaching staff probably retired the plug a little bit coming back in the second period, even with the nine goals scored, but they really eased off in the third period, playing the third line, the fourth line, the first line, the third line, the fourth line, the second line and so on with long shifts for the third and fourth lines. Fee scored her second of the game as she teamed with Tull on the score and Fischer scored her second of the game with an assist from Jenna Seaver and the Pirates won the game 15-0.

It was Crookston’s fourth straight victory to improve to 10-5-1 this year and another section victory. We played selflessly and it’s great to see everyone coming together in the latter part of the season and we have that chemistry. I hope we can continue like this for the rest of the week.

Crookston will take his 10-5-1 record to Bemidji tomorrow night for a rematch with the Lumberjacks of a game that ended in a 1-1 overtime tie at Crookston in December as the Pirates beat Bemidji 2 at 1. The Pirates host Fergus Falls, which is ranked in Minnesota’s top 10 Class A, and Crookston ends the week with a big Section 8A game in East Grand Forks. To go even further, the Pirates will host Detroit Lakes again in a week, five games in seven days for the Blue and Gold.
Detroit Lakes are slipping to 3-15-0 on the year and will have a catch-up game tomorrow night at home with International Falls.

1st 2nd 3rd Total
CROOKSTON 4 9 2 15
Detroit Lakes 0 0 0 0

1st period

10:05 – Crox – Brekken Tull (9) (Brynlee Coleman, Rylee Solheim)
6:10 – Crox – Reese Swanson (12) (Rylee Solheim) PP
3:29 – Crox – Morgan Nelson (9) (Rylee Solheim)
3:17 – Crox – Brynlee Coleman (3) unassisted

2nd Period
16:10 – Crox – Cassie Solheim (3) unassisted (SH)
14:59 – Crox – Rylee Solheim (2) unassisted
12:28 – Crox – Addie Fee (9) (Ashlyn Bailey)
11:16 – Crox – Brekken Tull (10) unassisted
10:36 – Crox – Morgan Nelson (10) unassisted
7:40 – Crox – Aleah Bienek (7) (Addie Fee, Reese Swanson)
6:29 – Crox – Cassie Solheim (4) (Reese Swanson)
4:11 – Crox – Reese Swanson (13) (Morgan Nelson) (PP)
3:33 – Crox – Grace Fischer (2) (Dillynn Wallace)

3rd Period
1:30 p.m. – Crox – Addie Fee (10) (Brekken Tull)
6:10 – Crox – Grace Fischer (3) (Jenna Seaver)

Save 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Jaycee Larson-Crox 5 3 4 12
Emma Wahl – DL 13 15 4 32

Catherine J. Martinez