‘Disrespectful’ Minor Hockey Protest – SRD – Vancouver Island Free Daily

The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) responded to a protest on Monday afternoon by setting “expectations of respectful protests” during the strike at the Strathcona Gardens facility.

Workers at Strathcona Gardens are currently on strike in an attempt to bring the SRD back to the bargaining table. The 82 unionized workers are looking for a cost of living adjustment over the next four years. Earlier this year, the two sides reached a tentative agreement, including wage increases of around two percent per year.

However, Steelworkers Local 1-1937 says the cost of living has increased since that tentative deal and, with inflation rising, wants to see a clause that would allow wages to keep up with any future inflation over the years. next four years. The SRD wants to move forward and is asking workers to go to binding arbitration, which would render a decision that all parties would be legally bound to follow. Neither party accepted the other’s request. However, the two have sent out several press releases on the matter.

The regional district updated the Strathcona Gardens website with information about the strike. He says the aquatic facility, fitness area and lineup have all been suspended and “arenas remain open for groups of reserved ice users wishing to cross the picket line.”

They also sent out a press release responding to the events of November 22.

SRD President Brad Unger “reminded the community of respectful conduct during strike at Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex.”

The press release denounced certain “disrespectful behavior” that occurred during the event, including knocking on windows, swearing at employees, entering the building without a mask and singing into a loudspeaker held against the door.

“While much of the protest (sic) on Tuesday was respectful, some behavior was inappropriate and deliberately intimidating for staff and disruptive for neighboring businesses that have nothing to do with closing facilities or collective bargaining. “Unger said in the press release. “The regional district will not tolerate disrespectful or aggressive tactics, nor will these behaviors help the facility to reopen sooner.

“I know the emotions are strong; however, I call on the community to hold themselves to the highest standards of respect as we navigate this closure together. “

The November 22 event brought together minor hockey players and their parents who were frustrated with the situation.

“The minor hockey players who were there apologize for knocking on the windows, but in their defense, they are frustrated. First, the rink is going through some ice issues that leave the rink with an ice surface, as the SRD tries to fix dressings that need to be done in an aging building (but that’s a different story), COVID hits and erases all the games and trips (good time (in my opinion) to strike a deal with the workers) and now instead of sitting at the table like adults and doing it all, the kids are being neglected again by the DTH, ”said parent Chad Braithwaite in an email to Mirror.

“It’s embarrassing that Campbell River is being touted as a ‘hockey town’ when the local rink staff can’t get a fair wage,” he said.

Catherine J. Martinez