Field hockey player Emma Kircher shares her daily routines and her plans for another successful season. – The Waltonian

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with sophomore athlete Emma Kircher. Kircher plays defense for the women’s field hockey team and also ran until last season.

Unfortunately, a broken back has put his track career on hold, at least for now. Asked about short-term goals over the next few months, she said: “My main goal is to fully recover and play 100% pain free.”

So far, Kircher’s athletic career has been highlighted by making the MAC championships for the track. She was also on the academic honor roll and played in every field hockey game. Not only did she play, but she was also one of the team’s top scorers.

Asked what makes her a great athlete, Kircher said: “I stay positive, I’m very supportive of my teammates and a good communicator on the pitch. I put extra work into practices and outside of practice.

Outside of field hockey, Kircher’s other interests include spending time with friends and watching sports, whether local sports, Eastern teams or professional ones. Recently, she notably followed the men’s lacrosse team Notre Dame Fighting Irish. She is involved in the kinesiology club and the Nest club and is also a team chaplain.

Kircher specializes in exercise science in pre-athletic training. With early morning workouts, classes, lifts, physical therapy for his back and work, it takes a lot of discipline to manage and stay on top of it all. She emphasized working on homework for class ahead of time, going to the library to get work done, and keeping a diary to stay organized.

Eventually, Kircher plans to use a fifth year of eligibility as she will continue her education with two years of graduate school. In her second year, she would like to have a coaching role on the field hockey team.

As for Kircher’s future, one thing is certain. With her work ethic and dedication to studies and sports, she will succeed in anything she does.

Catherine J. Martinez