Field Hockey Section V Results, Season 20202

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Tuesday, November 17

Tournament Section V Class B/C


East Rochester 3, Pittsford Sutherland 2 (OT)

ER: Riley Wing 1G (game winner); Samantha Lewis 1G, 2A; Samara Skully 1G

PS: Cat Reeder 1G; Molly McDermott 1G

Monday, November 16

Section V Class A Tournament


Webster Thomas 3, Fairport 0

WT: Audrey Grieb 3Gs

Friday November 13

Tournament Section V Class B/C


Pittsford Sutherland 3, Brighton 0

PS: Cat Reeder, Izzy Simeus and Eva Bleier 1G. Sutherland Knights will host East Rochester in the final on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

East Rochester 2, Pittsford Mendon 1

Emergencies: Samantha Lewis 1G, 1A; Samara Skully 1G; Leah Griffith and Gillian Weltman 1A; Madelin Eaton 16 stops.

Thursday November 12

Section V Class A Tournament


Webster Thomas 2, Hilton 0

WT: Audrey Grieb and Helena Rao 1G

Fairport 3, Penfield 2

F: Jada Bernitt 2G; Jillian Ambler 1G, 1A; Mairin Farchione and Julea Farchione 1A; Anna Lansdowne 13 saves.

Tuesday, November 10

Tournament Section V Class B/C


East Rochester 3, Eastridge 0

Emergencies: Samantha Funk 3G; Sam Lewis and Leah Griffith 1A. The No. 3 East Rochester seed takes on the No. 2 Pittsford Mendon at Thornell Farm Park at 6 p.m. on November 13.

Brighton 3, Irondequoit 2

B: Kiki van Keken 3G. Brighton play Pittsford Sutherland in the semi-finals, at 4 p.m. on November 13.

Me: Traci Weinstein 2G

Monday, November 9

Section V Class A Tournament

Fairport 10, Gates Chile 0

F: Jillian Ambler 3G; Maggie Grejda 3A

Hilton 3, Webster Schroeder 0

H: Laura Reigle 2G; Abby Grinnell 1G, 2A; No. 4 seed Hilton plays No. 1 seed Webster Thomas, 7:15 p.m. Thursday

Saturday November 7

Pittsford Mendon 4, Brighton 1

Afternoon: Elizabeth Calamel, Libbie Duquette, Ellery Stamp and Ali Hess 1G

B: Lydia Lorenzo 1G on penalty stroke

East Rochester 4, Irondequoit 0

ER (7-3): Leah Griffith 1G, 1A; Destiny Kier, Gillian Weltman and Samara Skully 1G

Pittsford Sutherland 6, Eastridge 0

Friday, November 6

Webster Thomas 5, Hilton 0

WT: Molly Fisher, Jenna Parrish, MacKenzie Brooks, Kaitlin Jordan, Audrey Grieb 1G

Penfield 13, Gates Chile 0

Fairport 8, Webster Schroeder 0

Thursday, November 5

Pittsford Sutherland 1, Pittsford Mendon 0

Wednesday, November 4

Webster Thomas 12, Gates Chile 0

Penfield 8, Hilton 0

Tuesday, November 3

Pittsford Sutherland 0, Pittsford Mendon 0

Brighton 5, Irondequoit 1

(B): Maddy Verstraten 2G, Kiki Van Kenen 1G, Emma Buck 1G, Lydia Lorenzo 1G. (Iron): Mariy Hall 1G

East Rochester 6, Eastridge 0

(ER): Destin Kier 2G, Riley Wing 2G and 1A, Leah Griffith 1G and 2A, Samantha Lewis 1G

Monday November 2

Hilton 2, Fairport 1 (Overtime)

H: Kirsten Billings 1G (OT), Abby Grinell 1G

Penfield 8, Webster Schroeder 0

Sunday November 1

East Rochester 2, Brighton 1

Emergencies: Samantha Lewis 1G 1A, Madelin Eaton 6 stops, Gillian Weltman 1G, Riley Wing 1G

Pittsford Sutherland 5, Irondequoit 1

Saturday October 31

Webster Thomas 7, Fairport 2

WT: Audrey Grieb 2G, Molly Fisher 2G, MacKenzie Brooks 2G, Helena Rao 1G

Webster Schröder 3, Gates Chile 0

Friday October 30

East Rochester 2, Pittsford Mendon 1 (overtime)

Emergencies: Samantha Lewis 1G in OT; Destiny Kerr 1G, Madeline Eaton 10 stops. First victory against Mendon in nine years

Eastridge 0, Eastridge 0

Iron: Lauren Day 2G 1A, Mary Hall 2G 1A, Claire Steckley 1G, Jaylin Hall 6 saves

Pittsford Sutherland 6, Brighton 0

Wednesday October 28

Pittsford Mendon 3, Eastridge 0

PM: Ali Hess 1G, Libbie Duquette 1G, Bella Albano 1G, Sydney Walters 2A.

Pittsford Sutherland 2, Webster Thomas 1

Tuesday, October 27

Penfield 4, Fairport 1

Hilton 6, Gates Chile 0

Webster Thomas 8, Webster Schroeder 0

Monday October 26

Pittsford Mendon 4, Irondequoit 1

PM: Ali Hess 2G, Ellery Stamp 1G, Hannah Lee 1G, Bella Albano 2A

Brighton 4, Eastridge 1

B: Emma Buck 1G, Lydia Lorenzo 1G, Beenie Lucas 1G, Ellie Kazel 1G

Pittsford Sutherland 5 East Rochester 1

Sunday October 25

Webster Thomas 5, Penfield 1

WT: Kaitlyn Jordan 3G, Molly Fisher 2G

Fairport 10, Gates Chile 0

Hilton 3, Webster Schroeder 0

Saturday October 24

Brighton 3, Irondequoit 2

B: Ellie Kazel 1G, Lydia Lorenzo 2G

East Rochester 5, Eastridge 0

Emergencies: Sam Lewis 2G, Destiny Kier 1G, Morgan Russell 1G, Maddy Kinney 1G

Friday October 23

Webster Thomas 8, Hilton 0

WT: Molly Fisher 3G

Penfield 8, Gates Chile 0

Fairport 5, Webster Schroeder 1

Wednesday October 21

Penfield 10, Webster Schroeder 0

Tuesday, October 20

East Rochester 2, Brighton 1

Emergencies: Gillian Weltman 1G, Leah Griffith 1G

Pittsford Mendon 10, Eastridge 0

PM: Ali Hess 3G, 3A

Pittsford Sutherland 6, Irondequoit 0

Monday, October 19

Fairport 4, Hilton 0

Webster Thomas 13, Gates Chile 0

Saturday October 17

Webster Thomas 7, Fairport 1

WT: Kaitlyn Jordan 3G

Penfield 6, Hilton 1

Friday October 16

Pittsford Sutherland 4, Brighton 1

PS: Molly McDermott 2G, Ava Bleier 1G, Lillian Stolberg 1G

Irondequoit 2, Eastridge 0

Me: Amanda Walsh 1G, Mary Hall 1G

Pittsford Mendon 2, East Rochester 1

PM: Sydney Walters 1G, 1A, Ellery Stamp 1G; Emergencies: Sam Lewis 1G

Webster Schröder 8, Gates Chile 0

Catherine J. Martinez