First responders prepare for the ‘Guns and Hoses’ hockey game

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – On March 20, the first responders will face off at Baxter Arena in a hockey game. Firefighters and law enforcement will battle it out, all while having fun, to raise money for the First Responders Foundation, which helps people on the front lines and their families through mental wellness support and physical.

“Right now, we exist to provide behavioral and physical support to our first responders. If you really sum it up, what we really want is when someone is at their worst and has to call 911, we want our first responders are at their best,” said Todd Sears, president of the First Responders Foundation.

Those who play in the game say they are grateful for the foundation and all the work they do. Although this is Guns and Hoses’ first year, it’s not the first time the two teams have faced off in a rink. Both groups played an annual hockey game, but it was never more important.

“We’re really happy it turned out the way it did. We’ve been playing this game for many years, it’s usually just friends and family showing up to watch,” Chris Sorenson, Deputy Head of Council Bluffs Fire Department, said.

Both teams are happy to play each other and, although they are used to working together, this may not be the case when the game comes.

“Everyone thinks the police and the fire department have this rivalry and on the ground we work together seamlessly and that doesn’t exist. We come together and do the work but when we go out on the ice you see part of that rivalry is heating up and hockey kind of has this culture where whatever happens on the ice stays on the ice so you’ll see some emotions erupt but at the end of the day everybody gonna shake your hand, pat you on the back and get back out there and work hard for the public,” said Tom Shaffer, deputy chief of the Omaha Police Department.

The puck drop for the game will take place at 3 p.m. on March 20. Doors open at 2 p.m. Tickets are available for the match at

Catherine J. Martinez