Floorball: A memorable debut for ex-national hockey player Ishwarpal

SINGAPORE – Playing for the Singapore national hockey team from 2013 to 2019, Ishwarpal Singh collected two silver and two bronze medals at the SEA Games.

But the lanky 28-year-old defender isn’t done with his sporting pursuits yet.

On Tuesday, May 31, Ishwarpal bowed out for the national team that beat Malaysia 8-2 in their first World Floorball Championship (WFC) Asia-Oceania qualifier at OCBC Arena.

It was a memorable start as he scored the Republic’s second goal in the fourth minute to regain the lead at 2-1, after recovering a loose ball in his own half and bulldozing the Malaysian defense .

Running to the corner and standing with his chest puffed out and his arms crossed after scoring, Singh said: “It’s a great feeling. When I scored I just wanted to celebrate with my team and thank the fans for being Venus.”

Although he still loves hockey and continues to play the sport at the club level, he is excited for a new challenge.

“Floorball is a growing sport and the association is doing a great job of developing it in Singapore. I also wanted a new challenge because I’ve played in several hockey tournaments,” said Singh, who learned the game. college floorball in 2016.

On his transition, he said: “Floorball is a lot faster. You have to think a lot faster. It was hard at first, but I think I have good teammates and coaches who guided me through it. along the way. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Admittedly, it was also a balancing act for the geriatrician doctor at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and he is grateful that his department and residency program allowed him to attend training and take time off for the tournament.

“It hasn’t been easy because I have to rush from both sides,” he added. “Luckily the coaches were very understanding of my schedule.”

Singapore coach Lim Jin Quan hailed his commitment saying, “He’s a player with a good work ethic and that’s something valuable to have. It’s definitely what every athlete asks for. nationals.

“Despite multiple commitments, there is a need to balance both sides and that is a challenge and the sacrifices required are beyond measure. It has certainly been a joy to have him.”

Captain Kumaresa Pasupathy was also proud to see his teammate play and score on his debut.

“I think it was really wonderful. One of our young players, Cheang Jia Qing also scored his first goal for the national team and everyone celebrated every goal we scored. Every goal meant a lot to us because every player worked very hard so they fully deserve all the goals,” said the 26-year-old defender.

Catherine J. Martinez