Former Penn State men’s hockey player Kevin Kerr wins family feud alongside his family

After playing 117 games for Penn State men’s hockey over a four-year career, former defenseman Kevin Kerr is no stranger to drowning out outside noise in high-stakes moments.

However, according to the Pennsylvania native, the nerves felt during schedule-defining competitions, including the 2017 Big Ten Tournament Championship Game, paled in comparison to the stress of filming Family Feud with Steve Harvey alongside several close-knit family members.

After a lengthy audition process, Kerr, her mother (Carol), sister (Kaitlyn), aunt (Barbra Hays) and cousin (Kristine Hays) were given the opportunity to appear on five episodes of the hit game show at Trilith Studios in Fayetteville, Georgia. In four of the five episodes, all of which aired in Season 23, Kerr and her family walked away without any income. But at the latest screening, the five-person panel struck gold by taking home all of their accumulated prize money, plus a brand new car.

For Kerr, a 2019 Penn State graduate, the process of achieving game show triumph began long before he hailed Harvey at the program’s Atlanta-based studio. On Thanksgiving weekend in 2020, Kerr’s aunt reviewed an ad on Facebook, which at the time was looking for families located in the Greater Philadelphia area to participate in the show’s next season.

As longtime viewers, Kerr’s group, who applied under the Wolowiec family (Kerr’s mother’s maiden name), immediately inquired about the next steps in the full interview process. After engaging, the crew of five produced a promotional video highlighting the unique and individual personalities of the family. In the end, the short production proved charismatic enough to catapult the group past over 3,000 other families who also auditioned for the same job.

At the height of the pandemic, Kerr and his family were forced to play a mock Family Feud showdown over Zoom with members of the program’s production team on the other end of the video conference. In order to impress the Family Feud selection team, Kerr helped wow the committee by displaying a level of enthusiasm that bordered on madness, according to the former defender.

Subsequently, Kerr and his family were given the green light to appear in the studio with Harvey, which first aired in October 2021. Despite failing their first four shots at fame, Kerr said the family’s overall experience with Harvey was just as enjoyable and hilarious as the longtime host makes it seem on TV.

To watch the entirety of Kerr and the rest of the Woloweic family’s quest for greatness, full episodes of Family Feud can be streamed on the Game Show Network website. For more on Kerr’s story on the Emmy-winning program, click here.

Connor Krause is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, majoring in journalism and business. He is a lifelong Penn State football and basketball fan and enjoys supporting Pittsburgh sports teams. In his spare time, Connor plays golf or basketball. You can follow his Twitter and Instagram @ckrause_31.

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