Goalies drop their gloves in the center of the ice during a professional hockey game

How often do you see two goalies getting undone in the center of the rink?

There really is no such thing as two goalies racing down the ice to face off at the red line. We got a taste of it on Saturday.

In the Federal Prospects Hockey League, a low-level professional league based in the eastern and Midwestern United States, during a blowout between the Columbus River Dragons and the Port Huron Prowlers, the two opposing goalies were able to drop the gloves in the middle of an online brawl.

River Dragons goalie Bailey MacBurnie and Richard Shipman of Prowlers wholeheartedly agreed to join in the fight that has already ensued for the whole team in the center of the ice. Although MacBurnie was the challenger – according to the play-by-play commentator – he received a knockout blow and ended up being the first goalie to hit the ice.

In that whole second period scuffle, there were a total of five game misconduct penalties, six major fights, one brutal double minor, one minor for unsportsmanlike conduct and one sharp minor penalty. Both goalies were penalized for brawling and misconduct in the game.

The River Dragons ended up winning this game by a score of 10-0, so maybe Shipman just wanted to let out some frustration for allowing so many goals.

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Catherine J. Martinez