Have you seen this? Massive brawl breaks out in hockey game as puck drops

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ICE CENTER – Hockey is a crazy sport. Everything about it is just crazy to me. I mean, how did anyone think of this game?

Hockey Creator # 1: That’s a lot of ice. We should play a game on it.

Hockey Creator # 2: I have sticks.

Hockey Creator # 3: I have garbage cans.

Hockey Creator # 1: Cool, but how are we going to get around on this ice?

Hockey Creator # 3: I can take kitchen knives and tie them to our shoes.

Hockey Creator # 1: Brilliant.

Hockey Creator # 2: Can we fight too?

Hockey Creator # 1: I don’t see why not.

This game is bananas! When I try to watch it it stinks so fast I can’t even follow or see the puck all my life. The people who play this game are bullies who love the cold, hate the dentist, and love to slam someone up against the wall.

The rules of combat hockey are interesting. Apparently there is something called “the code” in hockey, and the NHL follows it. He more or less says that if a fight breaks out, coaches, players and officials will let it go and are basically there to keep it from getting too out of control. The fights are both spontaneous and premeditated, and they almost never result in an ejection. Although. sometimes a fight can result in a suspension of several games.

Hockey is crazy.

The New York Rangers and Washington Capitals recently lined up in the middle of the ice to kick off their game. The puck fell and the gloves too. Instead of one-on-one, multiple players from each team immediately start throwing tedders.

Imagine this happening during an NBA game: the referee throws the ball and both teams drop it to the ground as the players start to call each other.

The game would be stopped and the players would be sent off, fined millions of dollars and miss several games. Not to mention clearing the benches, coaches jostling each other, and officials and security trying to stop the fight.

In this situation, officials and other players become spectators, coaches prepare games for the fight to end, and security probably stops a guy for stealing someone’s nachos. Also, the game continued, a few players received a short suspension, and that’s about it.

I don’t understand hockey. I enjoy it, I think it’s entertaining, and I have respect for those who can play – but I just don’t get it.

I’m just going to get back to watching my boring old baseball that has clearing bench brawls that last about seven seconds with a lot of missed punches.

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Catherine J. Martinez