“He was screaming for help.” A hockey player rushes to save boys who have fallen through the ice. – InspirePlus

When temperatures drop, some people can’t wait to get outside!

Cory Hemberger, a 16-year-old high school sophomore, is a goaltender for his high school hockey team, so the cold weather doesn’t bother him too much. On a cold February Saturday, Cory and his friend Shawn Miller were training on the pond in Yardley, Pennsylvania when they heard someone screaming for help.

Two 13-year-old boys were playing near the nearby pond. When a basketball flew across the ice, one of the teenagers chased it. Unfortunately the ice was thin and it gave way with a sickening crack. The boy dove into the freezing water. When his friend tried to help him out, the friend fell too.

“He was screaming for help”, Cory reminded. “His friend tried to help him and he ended up going in with him.” Without thinking of his own safety, Cory ran to help them.

“I was a bit tight on the timing,” he said. “My adrenaline was down. My heart was pounding, so I took the plunge and just hoped God was with me.

That’s when Cory’s hockey stick came in handy! Cory stood at the edge of the ice with his stick outstretched. He could hear the ice crack under his weight, so he knew he had to act fast before entering too. Moments later, the boys were about to grab Cory’s stick so he could get them out of the water safely!

Both boys were deeply shaken by the experience, but other than needing to dry off and warm up, they were fine. Now Cory is hailed as a hero by everyone in his small town. Curiously, his own mother didn’t realize her son had saved lives until she saw a post on Facebook.

Lisa Hemberger says she was browsing Facebook when she saw a post from one of the mothers of the rescued teenagers that read, “Not all superheroes wear capes, some play ice hockey.” When she read the message, she couldn’t believe her eyes: this hero is her son! She held out her hand to let him know it was Cory, but Cory refused any form of payment or reward.

“I said, ‘I don’t need anything,'” Cory said. “Because I know if I was in this situation, I would want someone to help me too.”

Spoken like a true hero! Thank goodness Cory was at the pond with his trusty hockey stick that day. This is a good reminder for all outdoor enthusiasts to keep an eye out for ice thickness and beware of frozen surfaces.

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Catherine J. Martinez