Hockey player Boris Sadecky dies aged 24 after collapsing on the ice

Slovakian ice hockey player Boris Sadecky died on Wednesday at the age of 24 after suddenly losing consciousness on October 29 and collapsing on the ice during a game his team, the Bratislava Capitals, have played in Austria against the Dornbirn Bulldogs.

Medical staff reportedly attempted to resuscitate the player for a few minutes before transferring him to a hospital in Dornbirn, where he remained in hospital until news of his death was announced. From the club, they have communicated that at the request of his family, no further details will be provided on the death of the player.

“With deep sorrow and sadness in our hearts, we announce the passing of our player Boris Sadecky. Our condolences to family and friends. We will not release any further information at this time after consulting with Boris’ family. everyone to respect the privacy of Boris. the Sadecky family ”, wrote Bratislava Capitals manager Dusan Pasek in the club’s official Facebook account.

Sadecky was born on April 20, 1997 in the city of Trencin. This summer he joined club Bratislava, with whom he played 11 games in the ICE Hockey League, the central European league for the sport. Previously, he spent time in the National League and also played 52 games for Slovan from Bratislava in the Continental Hockey League.

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Catherine J. Martinez