Hockey player chains penalties and almost fights a fan

Brandon McNally has lost his temper on several occasions and almost entered it with a fan.

You need a partner who is willing to get into a hockey fight, otherwise you can get kicked out of the game and almost beat a fan on your way out of the ice.

In an Elite Ice Hockey League game on Wednesday, Cardiff Devils forward Brandon McNally was furious at the end of the second period against the Dundee Stars. The 29-year-old American entered a traditional scrimmage after the whistle, but then went off the rails.

After receiving a minor penalty, McNally was pushed out of the ice by officials, but decided to jump an opposing player, filling him with punches to the back of the head and knocking him down on the ice.

It didn’t even stop there. McNally shoved another player down with both hands, then got into an argument with a fan, after a bottle was thrown from the stands.

The fan bolted the steps and attempted to fight McNally, but other players and arena security intervened. Why any civilian would want to face a player in full gear, especially one who is clearly enraged, is beyond me.

McNally was fined a major penalty, match misconduct and a two-game ban for antics and was fined for not going straight to the locker room. The Stars will also be the subject of an investigation by EIHL.

Hopefully a fan doesn’t make their way into the press gallery when McNally is there for the next two games.

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Catherine J. Martinez