Hockey player placed on ventilator after respiratory viruses hit U of M campus

ANN ARBOUR, Mich. – A health alert has been issued on the campus of the University of Michigan as respiratory viruses increase in Ann Arborplacing a hockey player on a ventilator.

The Michigan Wolverines The hockey team is still reeling from Thursday’s game (November 18), where they lost six players after a series of illnesses hit the team in the form of a virus. Particularly respiratory, as they have spread across campus.

The mother of junior defender Steven Holtz said her son was in hospital and on a ventilator. She asks for prayers and she said he was admitted with virus and complications.

A health alert has been issued on the University of Michigan campus as respiratory viruses rise in Ann Arbor, placing a hockey player on a ventilator. (WDIV)

Local 4 could not obtain details about the spread of the virus in the team and did not receive a comment from Michigan Athleticsthe university administration saying only that it could not comment on the state of health of a UM student.

The outbreak in the team follows the spread of respiratory illnesses that exploded across campus as the weather grew colder. It got so bad that the university sent two student health notices eight days apart, and the Washtenaw County Health Department takes it seriously.

“Certainly if we see more severe disease, that could also be an indicator that we have tons and tons of additional disease spreading or that something is going on with this particular virus,” said Susan Ringler Cerniglia.

One of the great things about the spread of this virus is that most people, let alone college kids, don’t go to the doctor when they get sick. With these kinds of diseases, public health officials can’t track them very well.

For now, they’re encouraging anyone who is sick to do all the things we used to do, like stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands a lot, and wear a mask when you’re around other people. to keep them healthy.

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Catherine J. Martinez