Hockey player wants city leaders to overturn decision to suspend Framingham High sports for 2 weeks – Framingham SOURCE

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay, Mayor Charlie Sisitsky, Director of Health Alex DePalo, 9 members of the Framingham School Committee and SOURCE media.


FRAMINGHAM – Before I say anything, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sophia Tersoni and I am a student at Framingham High School.

I am also a two-season varsity athlete, one of these sports including women’s varsity hockey. You may or may not have seen that last Wednesday our team scored their first win in one of our many Bay State League games, for the first time in three years. We have done really well this season and have worked extremely hard, not only in games but also in training to have a chance to make a comeback and qualify for the tournament.

Fifteen of the 22 girls on our team already had COVID less than two weeks ago and we finally got our whole team back after being shut down for two weeks. Right when we get back, we now have to shut down for two more weeks after more than half of the team has already had this virus? Not to mention that our entire team and coaches are fully vaccinated with some of us, including me having received the booster. Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t men’s wrestling, varsity men’s hockey, varsity women’s basketball, and men’s college basketball also been shut down for two weeks already?

Speaking on behalf of my classmates, friends and teammates is just not fair. Not only is this not fair to us athletes and coaches, but what about the members of the musical “In The Heights” who were supposed to have their opening night in exactly a week from? today.

I happen to be taking Acting 2 in class this year and my teacher, Ms. Stéphanie, who is one of the directors of the show, spent a lot of time and time preparing for this performance, I saw her with my own eyes. . I also happen to know Chris Brindley who is the director of plays and musicals for the Framingham Drama Company, and the effort and work he puts into putting on an amazing show every year never goes unnoticed, so a week before the show, you tell them to postpone it? Sold-out shows are now showing at a later date?

All those kids who have put in all their free time and dedication can’t even practice their scenes and choreography for two weeks? Didn’t that happen last year as well?

The fall and spring sports and activities were all good to go, but the winter sports and activities were tossed in the dust.

School has never been easy for me and I’m sure other kids feel the same way. There are times when the only thing I want to do is give up and not even try, but then I remember that I risk not playing the sport that I grew up in the last twelve years and which m ‘helped me become the person I am today.

Hockey is one of the things I look forward to every day after school and I’m sure other student athletes will agree with me.

I’m very lucky to have a big family that supports me, but what about the kids who play sports and use it as a distraction from what’s going on at home and who see their team as their family ? What about winter sports juniors and seniors looking to play in college and need to play games to make their dream of playing varsity sport come true?

I’m really curious, did all of this occur to you when you canceled all Framingham activities and events? Are you going to cancel our extracurricular activities and we can’t even stay after school with our teachers for two weeks but still keep us in our overcrowded covid-invested school for 6 hours a day? It really doesn’t make sense to me.

Especially with the mid-sessions right around the corner, you take away the one thing that relieves stress for kids. It’s really sad to me that some people think sports and extracurricular activities are the problem here as all the sports teams, musical theater actors and extracurricular clubs follow the mandate of the mask and all the protocols that have been put in place. place. Not to mention that most extracurricular activities usually last less than an hour and a half as we have to sit in classrooms next to people we don’t even know for 6 hours a day sometimes.

High school is a very important step for us students and we will never be able to recover those years. After high school, there is no more training, games and bus rides if you don’t play sports in college. Think of the seniors who had their sophomore year, junior, and now at the rate things are going with the city, their final year has been taken away from them as well.

I really think canceling extracurricular activities not only for high school but also for youth activities for 2 weeks is a big mistake. I would really appreciate taking the time out of your days to really listen to what I have to say.


Sophie tersoni

Framingham Junior High School

Catherine J. Martinez