Ice hockey player channels the inside of Cristiano Ronaldo as he heads the puck at the Winter Olympics

Swedish ice hockey player Max Friberg did his best Cristiano Ronaldo impression with a nice brushed header at the Beijing Winter Olympics

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A Swedish ice hockey player sent the puck in sensational style with a fine header in his country’s preliminary game against Latvia.

In the second period of the game, the puck was lifted into the air as Sweden looked to launch an attack. Max Friberg showed quick reactions jumping off the ice and headbutting towards the middle of the ice, although he didn’t hit any teammates.

Reviewers were bowled over by this unique piece, and even Friberg himself couldn’t believe his gut reaction.

“I watch a lot of football and I like it, but I was surprised it came spontaneously,” Friberg said when asked if it was a football-inspired move.

Swedish striker Max Friberg headed the puck in his country’s ice hockey game against Latvia

“You usually have to practice a bit beforehand, it’s a shame the pass didn’t go to Jocke (Nordström).

“Otherwise it would have been a very nice pass. I’ll talk to him, show him the clip and see if he can time it better next time.

Sweden were leading 2-0 at the time and took a 3-0 lead as they exerted their dominance over Latvia – then their opponents came back. Two power-play goals from Latvia threatened to derail Sweden’s game, but Friberg’s team held on.

Max Friberg surprised himself with the football style header

The Cristiano Ronaldo header is one of many remarkable ice hockey stories to emerge from these Games.

An ice hockey referee has been left with blood pouring from her mouth after being slashed in the face by a wayward stick. Cianna Lieffers was accidentally hit in the mouth with the stick askew in Canada’s 4-2 win over America.

Regardless, Lieffers was incredibly successful in continuing her official duties after being assessed by Canada’s medical team.

Elsewhere, Finland decided to follow Canada’s lead and play their match against the Russian Olympic Committee following Covid concerns in the Russian camp.

The ROC team has been hit by a string of positive cases ahead of the tournament and their situation continues to be a concern for opponents. It’s unclear exactly how many players have contracted Covid in the ROC squad as they take part in the preliminary round.

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