In the North: the Superior Police Department organizes a floor hockey game for children

“We started this several years ago just to give kids a chance. It’s a community policing event where kids go out and meet the police in a fun setting, which is a lot, you know, what we love to do,” said Joel Markon, a senior police detective.

It’s a three-year-old event, but was originally founded by a good friend from the police department, “Big” Mike Almond, who passed away last May.

“Mike Almond was a community member. He was friends with the police. We’ve done a lot with him here at the YMCA. Sadly, Mike passed away last year due to health issues, and the YMCA has been kind enough to continue and we have donations and stuff, so there’s food for the kids afterwards,” said Markon added.

The event was made up of over 30 kids, all enjoying the shot and the score, while having the chance to not only meet each other, but showcase their swings against the local officers.

“It’s really fun because my two brothers and my friend Anthony are here, and yeah, it’s really fun,” said seventh-grade YMCA member Landon Modeen.

For senior police officers, however, the event is about giving back to the community.

“Yeah, that’s what it’s all about, it’s time for the police to come out and hang out with the kids in a non-normal police setting. Maybe some kids who don’t normally go to the YMCA, we like to bring them into that,” Markon concluded.

Catherine J. Martinez