Jackie Kallen Presents Ice Wars: “The Hockey Fights Without The Hockey Game”

Published on 04/11/2022

By: Sean Crose

“It’s an interesting event,” Jackie Kallen tells me. “It’s going to be fun and different.” Anyone familiar with the fighting world knows Kallen, the Detroit native who found success as a top boxing manager, a success that made her a very powerful woman in what was – and still is – a world dominated by men. Whether he guided James Toney’s career or participated in Mark Burnett’s “The Contender” series, Kallen has always been passionate.

At the time that passion centers on “Ice Wars,” a business Kallen describes as “hockey fights without a hockey game.” In other words, hockey players in full uniforms will compete as they do on the ice – except this time the players won’t interrupt play – they will be the main attraction. “Being a boxing purist like me, he seems to be thinking outside the box to do something so unique,” Kallen says. Yet the famous manager is also a hockey fan, as evidenced by discussions of her children and grandchildren.

“My kids played hockey growing up,” she tells me, “and my grandkids are playing hockey now.” Although Kallen’s hometown of Detroit is known as the birthplace of the Red Wings of NHL fame, the first ‘Ice Wars’ will take place at the River Cree Resort and Casino outside of Edmonton, Canada. – the country of hockey if there is one. “It’s an eight-man heavyweight tournament,” says Kallen. The rules are simple, fighters will engage in full gear with “four ounce MMA gloves”. Additionally, there will be “two one-minute rounds per fight.” Fighters won’t be able to use some of the more obvious weapons that might come to mind when you think of hockey. “They can’t use sticks of course,” Kallen tells me.

While hockey fans may certainly be inclined to tune in, Kallen makes it clear that boxing fans will certainly enjoy the debates. “We want boxers to watch it,” Kallen says of the May 21 inaugural card. Indeed, the fans will be able to see the debates via In shape. After decades in the business, Kallen, who still manages promising young fighters like super lightweight Myquan Williams, is clearly eager to commit to this new venture. “We’re looking for it to be something fun”, For those who love boxing and a good old fashioned hockey fight, ice wars could indeed be just the thing.

Catherine J. Martinez