Jean Potvin Ice hockey player Cause of death How did he die? Dies at 72

We are extremely sad to announce the sudden passing of popular ice hockey defender “Jean Potvin aka Jean Rene Potvin” which has left almost everyone in shock as well as the entire hockey world as they mourn the loss another gem in a short time. As soon as his admirers hear about the news, their shocking reactions erupt as no one had even assumed their favorite would leave the world like this. Therefore, almost everyone pays homage to him while sending him deep comfort. Below you will find everything you need to know.

According to reports, the deceased had been struggling with serious health complications for a very long time, which turned his health into deterioration until it affected the internal organs of his body. Therefore, he was also cared for by the medical personnel, so that through the proper cure, he could bless with the extra breath, but unfortunately, his health stopped favoring him, which became the main cause of his death. . But so far, his family has made no statement on the exact cause of his death apart from confirming the news.

Who was Jean Potvin?

72-year-old Jean Potvin aka Jean Rene Potvin was a popular Canadian professional ice hockey defenseman, who played in countless games while brandishing his victory. Therefore, countless people looked up to him as their idol, because of the skill he had. He was born on March 25, 1949 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and sadly his passing occurred on the 15th game of 2022 at the same place. He played for the Philadelphia Flyers. Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota North Stars, Cleveland Barons and New York Islanders. Therefore, losing him is more painful for everyone because he had played almost all those prestigious teams which have the best reputation in the hockey world.

As soon as everyone learns of the news, their shocking reaction manifests in ways no one imagined. Therefore, almost everyone pays their respects, while sending their deepest condolences to the family so that their strength may remain ahead to bear the pain of a tragic loss. As nothing is more painful than losing a loved one, a wave of sincere messages has surrounded all social networks, especially Twitter, as his fans rush to release their feelings for him (RIP Jean Portin)

Catherine J. Martinez