Minnesota hockey player goes viral for reaching ‘griddy’ goal celebration

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  • The Griddy made his way to hockey.
  • A Minnesota high school hockey player hit the dance to celebrate a goal and it couldn’t be cooler.
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The Griddy is global at this point, but he has strong ties to Minnesota. Justin Jefferson, who first introduced the dance to LSU, celebrates every touchdown with the Vikings by hitting his signature celebration.

On Saturday, Chayton Fischer of Maple Grove High School made his best impression and it was incredibly lit.

When it comes to hockey, and high school sports in general, there are very few atmospheres like “The Tournament” in the North Star State. 20,000 fans gather at the Xcel Center and go absolutely nuts as the best high school hockey teams in the state battle it out on the ice.

As tradition dictates at Le Tourney, players shave their heads, dye their hair or turn their lettuce into mullets. Fischer is one of them, and his haircut for the 2022 state playoffs is WILD.

In Saturday’s Class AA state championship game, Fischer paired his legendary hair with a legendary celebration after scoring with just under five minutes left in the third period. When his teammates skated in celebration, Fischer chased them away so he could take center stage.

As the entire town of Maple Grove went wild in the stands, he knocked The Griddy to the ice.

The celly couldn’t have been better and the angle on ice is so cold.

This is the first time a hockey player has hit The Griddy with skates on his feet and it couldn’t be cooler.

Catherine J. Martinez