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MOORHEAD – There’s an old sporting saying, “Passion first, and everything will fall into place.”

As game time approached, players couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Not a handful of fans, but stands full of fans. It wasn’t just parents, but Spud’s teachers and players from other Moorhead hockey teams were all there to cheer on their new favorite team.

Mitchell Cragg was a crowd favorite. Not only did her mom and dad show up, but also little brothers Gabe, a squirt player, and Sam, who plays pee. Practice was even delayed so they could all come to the game.

“He’s funny and he’s welcoming,” Gabe Craag said of Mitchell, a student at Moorhead High School who is No. 4 on the team.

“They’re lucky to be seen playing the sport they love,” said Sam Cragg.

For parents, seeing a gym full of fans for this game proved something they’ve always believed in.

“It’s great and it’s great for these kids to feel like any other athlete and that’s good. It’s a good feeling,” Mitchell’s mother, Katie Cragg, said.

“He goes to their games, but he loves going out into the community,” Mitchell’s father Paul Cragg said. “Whether it’s church, football games, baseball or hockey. It’s nice to see him entertain.”

The match was even broadcast live on Spuds TV.

Their St. Cloud opponents were bigger, but no team had bigger hearts than those Spuds, and no town was more proud of its players than Moorhead.

Almost all high schools with Minnesota-friendly hockey programs are in the Twin Cities. Moorhead and St. Cloud are two of the exceptions.

The Adaptive Hockey State Tournament is scheduled for mid-March.

Catherine J. Martinez