Outrage as teachers scramble for money in ‘disturbing’ hockey game

While most halftime games at local sporting events may involve a performance by a marching band or singers and dancers, school teachers across the United States have been forced to scramble for tickets. a dollar during intermission at a game in South Dakota. Now the video of the ‘inhumane’ event in a ‘race for money’ has enraged netizens online, prompting the hosts to issue an apology.

For a charity event, teachers in South Dakota were forced to pick and put $1 bills on their hands and knees during the Sioux Falls Stampede game in Sioux Falls. Teachers were seen battling for dollar bills worth $5,000 to fund projects for their classrooms over the weekend.

The Sioux Falls Stampede hockey team had urged fans not to miss the game held at the first-ever “Dash for Cash” for entertainment. Cheered on by fans, 10 teachers from local schools gathered around a large piece of carpet on the ice, picking up wads of cash and stuffing their sweatshirts, caps and even gloves.

Videos shared by a local reporter on Twitter as well as a few viewers have gone viral, with many calling the game “disturbing and dystopian”.

CU Mortgage Direct bank and the Sioux Falls Stampede, the event’s organizers, said the event was intended to help raise funds for area teachers and their classrooms. The Stampede had received 31 applications and ten teachers were randomly selected to participate in the cash scramble game. “The ten participating teachers received over $5,000 combined and a minimum of $500 each. Each teacher was profiled and introduced prior to the event as we highlighted their school and what the funds would be used for,” they said in a statement.

However, they apologized after the event drew attention online. “While our intention was to provide a positive and fun experience for teachers, we can see how demeaning and insulting this feels to participating teachers and the teaching profession as a whole,” they said. “We deeply regret and apologize to all teachers for any embarrassment this may have caused.”

As the backlash continued, organizers also promised they would provide “an additional $500 to teachers who attended the event as well as $500 to the 21 additional contestants who were unable to attend.” In total, the two parties will contribute an additional $15,500 to area teachers.

Here’s what netizens said after the video went viral:

Catherine J. Martinez