Police investigate viral kick of beer league hockey player

A beer league hockey player has been suspended indefinitely and is under police investigation after he appeared to use his skate to kick his opponent.

Video of the incident, which took place during an ASHL game at Scotia Barn (formerly Burnaby 8 Rinks) in Burnaby, BC, has since gone viral.

The now-suspended player was seen repeatedly punching the victim in the face before kicking him with his skate. The victim immediately grabbed his face after the kick and fell to the ice.

Burnaby RCMP are investigating an alleged assault that occurred at Friday night’s game after it was reported to police on Tuesday.

“During the incident, the victim was allegedly struck by another player, causing injuries requiring medical attention,” the Burnaby RCMP Corporal said. Mike Kalanj told Daily Hive. “The Burnaby RCMP continue to investigate the circumstances and actions that led to the player’s injuries. Burnaby RCMP are in possession of a video showing an angle of the incident, which has been taken into evidence. Investigators are still talking with players and witnesses. »

Here is a longer video of the incident.

In a statement posted on its websitethe ASHL said it is aware of “the on-ice incident circulating on social media.”

“The on-ice conduct and behavior depicted in the video is in no way consistent with our league values ​​and the rules of the game. As a result of their actions, the offending player was assessed a match penalty and an ejection. of game. Subsequently, the player was suspended indefinitely and will receive additional discipline in accordance with section 2.15 (A) of the ASHL rulebook.

The ASHL added that it aims to create the “safest environment possible” for its players, which includes using real-time video footage to allow the league to review potential incidents.

The incident happened during a Friday night game between Hotshots and Grizznasty in the men’s E2B division, which is the fifth-lowest men’s division offered by the ASHL at Scotia Barn this summer.

Players from both teams tell a different version of the event.

A teammate of the offending player on Grizznasty argues that the skate only touched the victim’s arm and that injuries to the face were caused by earlier punches. The Grizznasty player pointed to the ASHL scoresheet, which shows the victim returned and had four of his five assists after the third-period incident.

A teammate of the victim told Daily Hive that the Hotshots player was kicked in the face, but luckily the skate blade did not make contact. The victim was bleeding from the mouth and nose and is now seeking medical attention, the Hotshots teammate said.

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