Professional hockey player and beer brewer Ryan Reaves

Today’s guest is the winger for the greatest hockey team on Earth, the New York Rangers. I’m not just saying this as a fan, it’s scientific fact.

Bruce Bennett | Getty Images

Over the past 11 years, Ryan Reaves has scored 49 career goals and spent his share of time in the penalty area. If you’ve seen him play you know the man isn’t afraid to fight, and during our conversation I learned if his style of play is reflected in the way he runs his business, 7Five Brewing Co. (Short answer: he’s certainly a competitive business owner, but much less inclined to perform vicious bodily checks during tasting sessions.) The company is currently selling its selection of four beers to Nevada and is in the process of bringing it up. in New York and Saint Louis. 7Five’s slogan is “Beer is worth fighting for,” and I challenge anyone to challenge them on this.

Reaves was born in Winnipeg in 1987, which explains his dual passion for hockey and beer. He made his NHL debut in 2010 and played for the St. Louis Blues, Pittsburgh Penguins, Las Vegas Golden Knights, and currently plays for the aforementioned New York Rangers, where a Championship Cup Stanley 2022 is pretty much guaranteed.

Hope you enjoy our conversation. Go blue shirts!

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Catherine J. Martinez