Seattle Kraken and the soundtrack of a hockey game

How do I create a playlist for a hockey game?

This is what the new Seattle National Hockey League team, the Kraken, is trying to figure out with the help of Seattle music station KEXP.

Most hockey teams use 80s arena rock and classics like “I Wanna Drive the Zamboni” and “The Good Old Hockey Game” by Stompin ‘Tom Connors, which includes the timeless chorus: “Oh, the good ol ‘hockey game, it’s the best game you can name and the best game you can name is the good ol’ hockey game. “

The Krakens are trying to create something more original with a Seattle focus, and they turn to KEXP for help.

Kevin Cole is the host of KEXP Driving time spectacle.

“We scripted some important moments in the game,” said Cole. “There are so many opportunities with the emotional ups and downs of a game. It could be song on the ice coming back from intermission.”

Jonny Greco is the Kraken’s vice president for the public, and says the playlist will have a local focus.

“If we don’t play Kenny G, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Macklemore – we have to!”

And Greco says there are certain moments in a hockey game that can be heightened with the right soundtrack.

“When you score a goal. It’s an amazing opportunity where I high five strangers, I clap; compounding that pure joy with a great applauded song which is this representation of pure joy.”

But it’s not just the music that will experience the Kraken. You also need a good advertiser.

It will be Everett Fitzhugh, the voice of the Kraken. He is the only black announcer in the National Hockey League. Fitzhugh says he drove his fiance a little crazy yelling “Free the kraken” all over the house.

In addition to classic Seattle bands, KEXP DJ Kevin Cole hears new Seattle bands in the Kraken mix: The Polyrhythmics, True Loves, Thunder Pussy, Taco Cat and Black Tone. Also Deep Sea Diver, which was the number one album for KEXP listeners last year.

And for the power play, Cole says there’s a song from a new local band Beverly Crusher that will really energize the crowd; it’s called “Gimmie the Power”.

“When you hear it, just try to imagine what it would look like in [an] arena full of people who are excited for their power-play team, ”said Cole.

The Krakens are considering a live group performance as a pre-game activity, and they may even adopt a house group for the hockey team. But it’s all in the air for the moment. They will try out some music during their show season to see what works. It starts September 26 at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena. The home opener at Seattle Center’s new Climate Pledge Arena takes place on October 23 when the Seattle Kraken face the Vancouver Canucks.

Fans 12 and older will need to be fully vaccinated to enter.

Catherine J. Martinez