Skull session: Michigan accused of dodging a hockey game, Big Ten opens 5-0 in the bowls and Hopalong’s son Cassady will fly over the Rose Bowl

Happy New Years to you all. I certainly hope you all close 2021 as well as the Big Ten.

That unbeaten streak now goes to Michigan and a team with a record losing streak to the ACC champion. Good luck!

Word of the day: Omega.

A CHRISTMAS GIFT AT THE END? Outside of DeaMonte Trayanum, the state of Ohio hasn’t made a big splash on the transfer portal yet, but if they’re shopping I have a humble suggestion …

Clearly, I don’t know if the Buckeyes are interested in this matter. Hell, they might not even know if they’re interested given that everyone involved in the program is just a little busy for the next few days.

But * I * am interested. And that’s all that matters.

Either way, this is a massive, massive loss for Northwestern. I would say this is just another example of the new single transfer rule changing college football, but it almost certainly could have done the same as a graduate transfer anyway.

FAMILY TRADITION. The Cassady family has a rich Rose Bowl history with three generations participating in the game’s festivities to some extent.

Howard “Hopalong” Cassady’s performance at the Rose Bowl was the most original and legendary, but his grandson’s Rose Bowl experience is certainly the most unique.

A B-2 stealth bomber from Whiteman Airforce Base in Missouri will fly over the Rose Bowl on Saturday in Pasadena, California.

U.S. Air Force Captain Kyle Cassady, who is one of the pilots, has connections to the Rose Bowl game.

Cassady’s father and grandfather both attended Ohio State University and played the Rose Bowl.

Cassady’s grandfather, Howard “Hopalong” Cassady, also won the Heisman Trophy in 1955.

This won’t be the first time he’s performed a flyby at an Ohio State game – he did so before the Ohio State’s 2018 game against Nebraska in the ‘Shoe, but an appearance. at the Buckeye Rose Bowl is certainly a step forward.

Kyle “Flyover” Cassady certainly sounds great.

MICHIGAN? DUCK GAMES? CERTAINLY NOT. It’s going to be a huge shock to all of you, but Michigan’s athletic program has been accused, once again, of using COVID-19 as an excuse to dodge an opponent.

But this time it’s hockey. And the evidence is quite overwhelming.

Yes, some testing protocols were in place this season, how to deal with players who test positive etc. But the large-scale procedures for figuring out exactly how to handle postponements and under what circumstances don’t really exist. Or it’s loosely defined and left to the schools to decide, without any control.

In case you missed it, Michigan have announced that they won’t be able to play their December 30 game against Western Michigan. His reason? “(D) due to health and wellness protocols.” A sentence so vague that it makes no sense. Michigan has denied repeated attempts to elaborate.

Meanwhile, Michigan are still set to face Michigan Tech on December 29 – the day before – in the GLI’s other demonstration game.

He begged – and still begs – the immediate question: if Michigan is in such bad shape, how is it able to play on December 29, not December 30?

The easy conclusion is that Michigan are dodging Western Michigan, a top-of-the-line Pairwise team that nearly swept the Wolverines earlier in the season. Michigan has five top players at the World Juniors – major star players. WMU is intact. Taking a loss here could hurt his Pairwise, and Michigan doesn’t want to take the risk.

When I suggested on Twitter yesterday that this was how it looked, I received a massive amount of positive feedback, including from players at WMU. They clearly think it is true. No one really contested it.

And since Michigan and coach Mel Pearson won’t discuss it further, that’s the impression that remains.

Truth be told, I never * really * believed Michigan dodged Ohio State in football last year, but it made me reconsider! Because if they are able to do it once …

AND IN CLASS. Bradley Robinson is going one hell of a week.

Buckeye’s long snapper was named to the Fourth All-American team on Wednesday and that’s not even the biggest honor he’s received this week.

Now let’s end with a W tomorrow.

SONG OF THE DAY. The Eagles’ “California Hotel”.

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Catherine J. Martinez