The boy plays “rock, paper, scissors” with a hockey player to win the puck. Does this | Tendency

A boy is getting a lot of love on the internet because of his kind gesture towards another child. Shared on Instagram, the video shows how he passed a puck to another child after winning it from a hockey player after playing “rock, paper, scissors”.

The video is displayed on the instagram Goodnews Movement page. Alongside, they also shared a caption explaining the incident. “Give It Forward!!!: Boy immediately gives away the hockey puck he won playing Rock, Paper, Scissors against an NHL player,” they wrote.

The video opens to show the boy playing the game with the hockey player and winning a puck. However, instead of keeping it with him, he passes it on to another person who appears to be younger than him.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted about 22 hours ago. Since being shared, the clip has racked up over 7.3 lakh views and counts. The share also garnered nearly 36,000 likes. People posted various comments reacting to the video.

“What a good boy! You know he sees this molded into his life because he did it immediately and without hesitation,” one Instagram user posted. “He didn’t even hesitate to give,” another commented. “No hesitation. He is ready for anything. “, shared a third. “What an awesome kid,” wrote a fourth.

Catherine J. Martinez