Tsawwassen hockey player scores big for Delta KidSport

Carter DeWolff spent the holidays scoring big for Delta KidSport.

The 10-year-old Pebble Hill Elementary student raised $500 for the nonprofit that helps kids overcome financial barriers to playing organized sports.

His fundraising initiative began when he needed $20 for a Secret Santa gift change with his South Delta minor hockey Atom team.

“We said no. We give enough money and you’re going to have to earn your own $20,” her mother Andrea explained.

Having previously participated in a marathon swim, Carter came up with the idea of ​​a marathon puck, which involved tossing 100 pucks a day into the net in his backyard before Christmas. He then decided to take up the challenge and raise funds for Delta KidSport.

Among those he contacted for pledges was Brian Losse, his coach from Tsawwassen Minor Baseball. Losse said he would donate $40 if Carter increased the total daily shot count to 114 shots per day. The number was in tribute to his son Kyle, a promising baseball player who tragically died in 2018. Kyle’s favorite number was 14.

Carter took his daily commitment seriously, even to the point of shooting the puck at 11 p.m. when his family arrived home late from a vacation outing.

The cold snap even allowed him to do it for a few days at Deas Island Regional Park where there was enough frozen water to play pond hockey. In total, he shot 2,052 pucks.

Catherine J. Martinez