US Women’s Hockey Player Inspiration to Other Christian Athletes | Columnists

The Winter Olympics are always thrilling to watch, whether it’s high-intensity games like hockey or the simplicity and sheer focus of curling. I grew up watching these athletes and wondering what they were like as ordinary people, outside of being Olympic sports personalities.

Nicole Hensley has proven herself to be not only an amazing ice hockey player, but also an athlete who also uses her talents to glorify God on the ice. Hensley won an Olympic gold medal in 2018 and was part of the team that won silver at the Beijing Olympics.

Hensley constantly posts denominational comments or Bible verses on Twitter. She showcases her faith through acting and uses her position as an Olympic-level athlete as a platform.

In a 2017 interview published on, Hensley said: “As an athlete, my faith calmed me down on the ice and also helped me realize that the result is not necessarily the most important thing. It’s more important to be on the ice and enjoy the chance to play when God has given me such passion and ability in this game.”

As a Christian athlete, I strive to be like Hensley. It shows that hockey is not only a physical training but also a mental and spiritual training. She doesn’t worry about mistakes she might make, but always seeks to improve herself and her teammates. She shows her faith on the ice through her actions, and hockey has helped her create a strong mindset.

Hensley is an incredible athlete who has a great love for hockey. I strive to show my faith on the volleyball court like Hensley does on the ice.

Lexi Barbee is a junior at West Valley High School.

Catherine J. Martinez