What factors of a hockey game should you bet on?

by Dan Adkisson

As anyone who’s ever watched ice hockey knows, it’s both exciting and interesting. However, with sports betting becoming more and more popular – and legal – in the United States, it is now increasingly common to bet on hockey matches as well. If you log into any hockey-friendly sports betting site, you will likely see a variety of different potential outcomes to bet on. It can feel overwhelming at times – and that’s where this blog post can help. We’ll narrow down some of the different factors and outcomes of hockey matches you can bet on, and help you see what works best for your own betting needs.

Results of individual games

Take a look at the major sports betting sites in New York and you will no doubt find that there is a wide range of different ice hockey factors to bet on. However, by far the most popular, common and highlighted option is the result of individual games. This is not at all uncommon in the sports world. Betting on the winner of a match was one of the driving forces behind the tradition, and it is only recently that betting on more specific outcomes has become more popular.

But what does this tradition of betting on the winners of matches look like for the world of ice hockey? A look at current odds lists indicates that National Hockey League (NHL) games tend to be popular picks. In early February, for example, the game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Washington Capitals topped the list, as did other games – like the Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings, as well as the Minnesota versus the Chicago Blackhawks.

Tournament and league winners

Hockey betting is not just limited to the winners of individual games. In truth, the question of who is likely to win tournaments and leagues is also often a common focus in ice hockey betting scenarios. In the world of ice hockey, it is becoming increasingly common to bet on the winner of the Stanley Cup. Often the potential winning teams will be arranged in a list in descending order of possible overall winners, organized by odds. These are often labeled as “outright” potential winners – so it will be easy to locate them.

Player specific results

Often it is also possible to bet on individual results, such as the most valuable player in the entire National Hockey League. This competition takes place once a year and the designation is decided by some of the leading ice hockey journalists and analysts in the field. In the NHL, the MVP award is known as the “Hart Memorial Trophy” – and it’s been recognized as probably the most prestigious award in the game. Depending on the betting provider you use, you should also be able to find an opportunity to bet if you feel confident enough – and knowledgeable enough about each player – to review all the details and place a bet.

The best for you?

Finally, it is important to remember that what works for one person does not necessarily work for others. If your buddy is betting on something specific – like which player is most likely to score the most points all season, for example – that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. In fact, you have to follow what your gut tells you is the right approach. If you think you should stick to the traditional plan of betting on the absolute game results of major NHL games over the next few days or weeks, for example, you can do so. Likewise, if that sounds boring and you’re confident enough to go for something deeper and more specific, that will work too. It’s all about researching the market and determining which option will work best for you.

Ultimately, ice hockey fans who want to add a little more fun to the proceedings by betting on games are spoiled for choice when it comes to determining which factors they can best bet on. Whether you want to bet on outright wins, player-specific outcomes, or league and tournament outcomes, there’s a hockey betting option just for you.

Source: https://www.paddypower.com/ice-hockey

Catherine J. Martinez