Woman invites professional hockey player for Thanksgiving following a good deed at the NC hotel

CHARLOTTE, NC (WJZY) – Inside the Residence Inn on South Mint Street, Thanksgiving cuteness was in full swing for Charlotte Checkers hockey player Ryan Lohin.

He said he saw a woman traveling from Atlanta, carrying groceries to her bedroom to prepare her family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

“So I kind of offered (to see) if she needed any help unloading and loading the cart up to her room.” And she was more than happy to accept the offer, ”Lohin said.

But what he didn’t know was that the generosity would be mutual.

“Right before I left for the game, she invited her family over to Thanksgiving who was going to be here at the hotel,” he said.

Lohin said her name was Vivian Bowman-Meeks and she told him to be there at 2pm and not be late. So Lohin arrived early to make sure he wasn’t late.

He said she was one of the nicest people.

“She reminds me a lot of my family, my aunts and my grandparents. So it was great to meet them all and his kids and grandchildren were the same way and it was no surprise, ”he said.

Families are now connected forever. Bowman-Meeks and Lohin’s mother are now friends on Facebook and communicate via Messenger.

For Lohin, it’s a feeling he won’t forget.

“You kind of hear about these stories and you don’t believe them until it hits you and it happens to you,” he said.

Catherine J. Martinez