World’s longest hockey game lasts 252 hours and raises $1.8M for charity in Alberta

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Alberta hockey players set numerous world records in a hockey game that kicked off Feb. 4 to raise money for charity. Both teams ended up raising $1.8 million for cancer research in the game, which ended with over 5,000 goals scored.

The game ran on a 24/7 cycle for over a week and broke the world record at 6am on Monday with over 252 hours of gameplay. 40 people attended the game which was played on an outdoor rink in Edmonton in record cold temperatures.

Both teams, Team Hope and Team Cure, have directed their fundraising efforts towards research at the University of Alberta in what is apparently the seventh edition of this marathon game. They surpassed their fundraising goals of $1.5 million.

“It went wonderfully,” Kate Gallagher, one of the event’s organizers, told CBC.

The final score itself was 2,649 to 2,528, with Team Hope winning the charity event. The originator of this game is a doctor named Brent Saik who lost his father and wife to cancer. The event itself started in 2003 after the death of his father.

To ensure safety in regards to COVID-19, the game was played next to an “NHL-style bubble” on a rural property that Saik owns with a secluded outdoor rink. While no major injuries were reported, the players reportedly suffered a lot of equipment breakage due to the elements reaching temperatures as low as -67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Catherine J. Martinez